LiveBit.io Beta Launch Update  

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Posted by Admin on December 24th, 2017

Greetings all!

We have been working vigorously on various developments throughout our platform and it all will soon come to fruition. We encourage users to provide us with feedback including any bugs you have identified and any features which you believe will provide benefit to our community. 

We are looking to create a private group of writers/crypto-enthusiasts who wish to contribute original content to LiveBit. If you are interested in providing knowledgeable write-ups of significant events in the cryptocurrency world, feel free to reach out to us. Original content providers will be rewarded with a greater share of LiveBit tokens for their contributions.

We will be now be using the LiveBit News tag to keep you updated with any changes, updates, or new features in our platform, and to relay any important LiveBit.io news.

Happy holidays to all!

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